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Paws and Remember

Paws and Remember

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to light a virtual candle

Thank you for your interest in WestieMed's Paws and Remember program.

Making a donation for an "ever-burning" Virtual Candle is a wonderful way to show our admiration, love and devotion for those we hold closest to our hearts.

You may sign-up for an "ever-burning" Virtual Candle to:

  • Honor your own special family members, or
  • Celebrate a living friend, pet or person, with a Tribute Virtual Candle, or
  • Remember those you have loved and lost with a Memorial Virtual Candle.

When you make a donation for either a Tribute Virtual Candle or a Memorial Virtual Candle, WestieMed will send a lovely personalized card to the designated recipient acknowledging your thoughtful gift. Our card features WestieMed's Paws and Remember Toto - The Rescue Angel logo designed by talented artist Suzanne Renaud.

The minimum donation for a Virtual Candle is $15.00.

Please take a moment to "Paws and Remember" our special friends.  If you would like to join WestieMed as we "Paws and Remember" loved ones, please click on the candle to learn how you can light a Virtual Candle for your special friend.

Click here to light a Virtual Candle.

View the ever-burning Virtual Candles dedicated to loved ones.

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Toto - The Rescue Angel by Suzanne Renaud for WestieMed